Studio Mini Clam


A high quality manually operated clam action press, suitable for most operations. Requiring minimum operating space and featuring separate temperature and time controllers for accurate and easy operation, especially in low and medium pressure applications. Pressure adjustment is by fingertip control.CONTROL PANEL Separate Digital temperature and time control

  • Separate Digital temperature and time control
  • Digital timer to buzzer alarm
  • Illuminated on/off switch


  • 38cmx38cm (15″x15″) table
  • Wide opening area – clam action
  • Self adhesive silicone base pad
  • Fingertip pressure control
  • Manufactured and tested to comply with EC safety regulations. CE labelled
  • 12 month warranty on machine
  • Full service/spares support
  • Manual supplied illustrates electrical wiring diagrams, exploded diagram and parts list. Full safety instructions
  • Thermal cut out on the heating element shuts off power to the elements if the temperature exceeds 260+/- 15ºC (500+/- 27ºF)
Special Instructions