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bullet Features Anywhere between fun and serious: The new temporary Tattoo Media.
bullet The water release Transfer Sheets are fully compatible with all available Colour Laser Devices and Toner Systems.
bullet The Tattoo is totally waterproof and will hold up for several days depending on the skin type.
bullet Each box of Tattoo 2.1 comes with 25 sheets of TATTOO 2.1 as well of 25 gluesheets.
Size A3 / A4
Quantity Per Box 50 Sheets
Special Instructions

OBM Gallery
Print Tattoo Media in mirror image from Laser printer
Peel off paper liner from Gluesheet
Align Tattoo media with gluesheet and paste together
Cut out individual tattoo and peel off plastic liner to prepare for application onto skin
Place down on skin
Use a wet cloth to throughly soak tattoo
Peel off backing paper

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